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Krumkake Norwegian Waffle Cookies

Norwegian Krumkager

Back in 2005, Joe and I took a week long class at John C. Campbell Folk School. We were at the school during their Scandinavian Heritage week which we figured would be the ideal time for us to be at the school. Joe took a blacksmithing class and I took Scandinavian baking which was so much fun and gave me a lot of confidence in my baking skills. Campbell Folk School is located in the southern Appalachian mountains by Brasstown, North Carolina and the campus is set in the most beautiful and serene location. The school is based on the Danish concept of Folkehjskole which is an adult non-competitive learning experience. Campbell Folk School offer a wide variety of classes based on American traditional arts and crafts such as basketry, dance, drawing, enameling, leather, metalwork, music, photography, woodworking and so much more. I have written about my experience at Campbell Folk School before when I made Wienerbrd and making these Norwegian Krumkaker brought back wonderful memories about our experience there. I can honestly say that is was one of the most rewarding, exciting and at the same time peaceful experiences I have ever had. To get a feel for the atmosphere at the Folk School check out their blog.

Me at John Campbell Folk School practicing decorating a delicious layered cake.

Me at John Campbell Folk School practicing decorating a delicious layered cake.

Krumkake is a delicate and delicious Norwegian waffle cookie which is traditionally served during the Christmas holiday. I first learned to make this classic waffle while taking my Scandinavian baking class at Campbell Folk School. Making the waffle does require an Krumkake iron and a cone shaped roller which can be purchased pretty easily these days online. The cookies can seem a little tricky to roll at first (careful, they are hot) but after a couple of cookies youll quickly get the hang of it. They can be rolled into a cone shape, a cylinder (by using the handle of a wooden spoon) or simply served as a flat round disc. The filling choices are numerous and only limited by your imagination but traditionally they are served with whipped cream and fresh berries.

Norwegian Krumkake

Krumkake makes 38 Krumkaker


4 large eggs, at room temperature

200 gram butter (7 oz.)

200 gram sugar (7 oz.)

200 gram flour (7 oz.)

2 tsp vanilla extract or 1/2 tsp ground cardamom

warm water to get correct batter consistency (I used 14 tbsp)

Special equipment required: Krumkake iron and a Krumkake roller (if not already included with your iron)


Melt butter and set aside. Add eggs and sugar to a bowl and beat on high until thick and pale yellow in color. While continuing to mix, pour the melted butter, in a thin stream, into the egg mixture. Add your choice of either vanilla extract or cardamom and while continuing to mix, add flour in small increments. If batter is too thick, add warm water to correct consistency.

Note: follow your Krumkake iron manufactures instructions regarding temperature settings, if iron needs to be greased and cooking time. Using the krumkake roller will give you a cone shape and using the end of a wooden spoon with give a cylinder shape.

Place a large piece of parchment paper onto your counter top next to the Krumkake iron. I taped the corners of the paper down to keep it from moving around.

Pour a generous tablespoon of batter onto your hot krumkake iron, close lid and cook until ready (30-45 seconds). Using a small offset spatula or a butter knife, quickly lift the soft krumkake onto the parchment paper and roll into desired shape. Keep the cookie on the roller for 1-2 minutes to allow it to take its shape before sliding the cookie off the roller and placing it onto a baking sheet to cool completely. Store cookies in an airtight tin until ready to serve. Fill cones with your favorite filling right before serving and enjoy.

Krumkake serving suggestions:whipped cream with fresh berries, soft ice cream, preserves or jams, pudding, custard or Caroles Almond Pudding (recipe follows)

Caroles Almond Pudding:


1 small package instant vanilla pudding (95 gram or 3.4 oz.)

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 cup milk

1/4 1/2 tsp almond extract


Beat all ingredients together for 1-2 minutes until desired consistency and keep cool in refrigerator until ready to serve. Pipe into krumkaker cookies and serve immediately.

Source for Krumkake: adapted from

Source for Caroles Almond Pudding: my friend and coworker Carole Yoder

Making Krumkaker

Scandinavian Krumkake Waffle Cookie Recipe Krumkake or 'Krum kaka,' meaning bent or curved cake, is a Norwegian waffle cookie. The cookies, or 'krumkaker' in the plural, are traditionally enjoyed at Christmas ... Krumkake - Mandy Eats What is krumkake, you ask? First of all, its pronounced krum caw caw (or something like that). Its a Norwegian waffle cookie that is traditionally made ... Krumkake - Culinary Encyclopedia - Your Food Network ... Krumkake, also called Krum kaka, (plural- Krumkaker) is a Norwegian cookie made with eggs, flour, butter, cream and sugar. This waffle cookie is most often ... Norwegian Krumkake Cookies - A Norwegian Recipe for Krumkake Cookies Norwegian Krumkake Cookies - A Recipe for Krumkake Cookies from Norway. Food; ... Baking and Flipping the Krumkake; Fluffy Waffles - No Trans Fat Cooking; Krumkaka Recipe (aka Krumkakka or Krumkake) Norwegian Cookie Krumkaka is a Norwegian delicate but very delicious cookie that is made using batter and a Krumkake Iron. They are made similar to waffles by pouring a tablespoon of ... JOTUL IRON KRUMKAKE PIZZELLE WAFFLE COOKIE CREPE NORWAY eBay Find best value and selection for your JOTUL IRON KRUMKAKE PIZZELLE WAFFLE COOKIE CREPE NORWAY search ... Antique Jotul Heavy Metal Norwegian Cookie/ Krumkake Pr How to Make Krumkake - Squidoo : Welcome to Squidoo Coming from a Norwegian family, ... I've come to love krumkake cookies at Christmas! ... Working much like a waffle iron, the Krumkake bakes two very thin traditional ... (Never) Too Many Cooks: Gluten free Norwegian krumkake (waffle ... When my husband, who is part Norwegian, first introduced me to krumkake, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. This delicious little waffle cookie ...

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